welcome to our trade section! here's where you can get your hands on our plentiful hex customs, both on our own files and those made by other great creators in the community. we have a weird little system here, though: you can both request customs and premade adopts, in exchange for things off of our wishlists or applications. you might be asking- "wishlists, plural?" to which the answer is yes- every system member has their own unique wishlist, and select files that you can get in exchange. these wishlists range from bred/hexed petz, to other hexed content, to art and interesting applications- hopefully allowing anyone to get their hands on petz no matter what they like doing in the petz community.

in addition to our wishlist system, we've decided to spice up the adoption process by focusing on character, lore, and story. we love using petz as a way to develop characters, and a lot of our files have lore in our personal worldbuilds. we want to share this with you, and hopefully get people to consider joining in with developing their petz and creations to be something really special and creative. all petz will come with some character details and a personality blurb, hopefully giving people a chance to connect with the pet a bit more than just an image. you don't have to make a character to enjoy our petz, obviously- they're also just fun to collect and show off. but! if you want to get an application in and accepted without hesitation, approaching from a character angle is the way to go. don't feel limited by the worldbuilds we made, either- once the pet is yours, you can do literally whatever you want with them and have your own adventures.

below is navigation around this (probably really large) trade section. there's a lot of system members here and even more petz to give out, and we want to make sure all of them have a chance to shine. have fun clicking around!