welcome, you've arrived at the petz site of the Skinstealer System! this is our little corner of the web for the (very old) game Petz by PF Magic, primarily Petz 4. we grew up on this game and it remains our favorite of all time. we've wanted to make a petz site for years, and finally got down to it as we got more serious about our community involvement, openness about who we are and what we do, and regular modding work.

this site is meant to function as both a gallery for our huge ass petz collection and a hub for both downloadable content we create and resources we put together. petz has a ridiculous amount of depth to it if you know where to look, and we love to share things we figure out with you. we use petz as a creative medium and want to promote that, so there's no better way than to give people tools and tutorials they need to make things of their own. please, enjoy what we have up and feel free to take our files and run with them.

DISCLAIMER: we don't like DNIs but we have both system members and friends who identify as mspec and endogenic. if this makes you uncomfortable, please just mute/ignore/block us and leave us be. thank you.

for a bit of an extended about, click here

HUGE thank you to Cookie for the website layout help- we could Not have coded this site nearly as clean on our own, and we're incredibly grateful for all the help. petz players, seriously consider commissioning them for web design! (and then make sure to tip them handsomely in bones)



-4 new breedfiles, Arachne: Velvet Expansion and Mermaid in the Supercyber section, and Thrifted Treasure: Snake Expansion and Candy Clownz in the originals section!


-93 new texture packs! go get em in the february 2024 section!


-2 new breedfiles, the Plush Reindeer v2 and Noodle Dragonz! find them in the originals section.


-74 new texture packs, most of which made from old 80's-90's CD-ROM stock images. quality varies, but there's some gems in there!


-19 new texture packs, and some new organization for the texture section. should be easier to navigate new releases now!


-4 new breedfiles in original section: shroom spritez, pantheraz, silkhoundz, and headless horsecatz!


-2 new breedfiles in original section: witch's brewz (whoops late on this one) and birthday beastz!


-1 new breedfile in original section: jackz!
-enjoy! happy halloween!


-2 new breedfiles in original section: velveteen wormz and lightshowz!


-4 new breedfiles in original section: notdogz, magic wormz, electrikittiez, and lightshowz!


-iron juguliz breedfile available in pokemon section
-mercatz + lost breedfiles available in originals section


-jolteonz breedfile available in pokemon section


-thrifted wardrobe volumes 1 + 2 clothing pack available in clothing section
-sylveonz breedfile available in pokemon section


-thrifted wardrobe volume 1 clothing pack available in clothing section


-thrifted treasure breedfile available in the originals section


-new breedfile section, collaborations, featuring a pride breedfile collab done with queenie@phantasmagoria petz! (pride splash)
-updated links page with affiliates/collaborators
-also, we started a tipjar patreon where you can support our work and get it like a month or so early- all of the stuff we make on here will get on this site though!
-LOTS more to come now that we have some financial support!