i'm very tired and while my site isn't done and probably won't be until the
end of the year, i wanted to have a little page up for my hexes, seeing as
i'm getting back into it again. i'm well aware that this site looks like hell
but hey, it works.


-you can do pretty much anything to the petz you get from me, hexed or otherwise!
-hex/brex/swap/trim/neuter/spay/literally anything but make copies of em or sell
them for points/bones (that said, show me what you do with 'em, especially if
you hex them! i want to see what kinds of creativity comes out of it.)
-send back, MPA, or delete
-be sure to credit me, please!
-please keep Morbit's in the show prefix!

Available- send me an email telling me why a custom on this file would make
you happy! you really don't need to do much here, but i do love trades
and would be willing to do more advanced mods to a custom if you're down for that.
In Development- files that i plan to eventually make full breeds out of! the breeds
i want to make will ideally have tons of variations, so if you'd like a custom
with traits that i've already got done before the breed's release, let me know!
traits will be listed alongside the pet entry itself, as well as guidelines and
information on how to request a custom. these, for now, will be trade only!

for trades, i accept both bred and hexed petz, clothez/toyz/etc, and art.

things i like in hexes: addball-heavy hexes, black/white/grayscale (especially
if paired with neons + rainbows)
, gore/horror/monster inspired, cute/toy/plush
inspired, wildz, pokemon, wizard texture, external textures in general.
if you're not sure, show me your archive and i'll give it a proper look through.
i'm more than happy to work something out!
things i like in bred petz: weird body shapes, limited color palette (4 max,
usually- but there can be exceptions), alleyz, oshies, persians, calicos (all catz really
but those are my favorites), lids that match at least one color on the body, OW lineage,
and non OW breedfiles.
things i'm not as into: bred dogz (i am HORRIBLY picky but open to looking for
new additions to my crew), show breedz/files that don't play or move well, heavily
texture bred catz (maine coon/oshie/etc texture, tabby is okay most of the time!)

to apply for a pet, please email me at ringormortis@gmail.com with the edits you're thinking of and the
personality you want!
please try to keep your edits different from the customs that have already been made.



catz based

hex based off of my new favorite pokemon, the unreleased electiger! this pokemon was revealed
when some folks got their hands on an old gold/silver beta, and after feeling scorned by
game freak i decided to take matters into my own hands and make one i could play with.
these guys are really pleasant, round, and some of my favorite petz to just have run around.

mods available by app: everything is recolorable/retexturable, size changes, personality swaps

mods available by trade: none recorded yet, ask! would be willing to do custom markings/recolors,
addball modifications + minor paintball changes for sure.



Tiny Cat People

in development, not currently available
catz based

i'll explain these soon i'm very tired

mods available by app: body recolors

mods available by trade: none for now! will have more available later, so stay tuned for that

shown are taken


Magic Wormz

catz based

file based off of the old toy, made in 15 minutes on a late night whim- people really seem to
like them, so please apply and let me make dozens. they use the head -> tail ballz, so they move
a little wiggly- but that's just how it's supposed to be.

mods available by app: simple recolors, size changes

mods available by trade: i have no idea, addball mods?? do you want horns on a worm?? i'll do my best

shown are taken


catz based

based off of the fantasy creature, mimicz are monsters that resemble treasure chests. this
file is based off of the jaw + chin ballz, so it opens and closes its lid to reveal a toothy
mouth on the inside! done for the august 2018 inanimate object hexing contest on RKC.

mods available by app: recolors of everything, size changes

mods available by trade: no idea, as long as you don't make me mess with the inside of the mouth (aside from teeth, maybe??) i'm up for addball mods.

shown are taken



catz based

a hex of my fursona, and one of my first little projects upon returning to the PC. they came out
just how i wanted, though i'm not entirely sure why they want to fight every other pet.
no customs available, though copies have been sent out to close friends for them to document their