we're the Skinstealers, a Dissociative Identity Disorder system living in Los Angeles! we were born on 5/20/1996, which means we'll be 23 collectively by the time we write this. we founded the Homebrew Deviants creative studio with our partner B. Comorant, and currently work on comics for a living. we have hydrocephalus, bipolar disorder, complex PTSD, and a slew of physical disabilities- both Petz and our work help us deal with it all. our interests are all over the place due to being a large system, but we're collectively pretty big horror fans, music likers, artists, and avid researchers of artificial life. creative work is our favorite thing out there, and we're happy to share it with you!

What's Dissociative Identity Disorder?

DID is a psychological condition caused by severe trauma (typically at a young age), and was formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. the biggest symptom of DID is the presence of multiple people in one body/mind, and we've got a lot of them- nearly 50 at time of writing! we've had DID for as long as we can remember and don't see it as something to get rid of or cure at all- it's a part of our lives, and we love being a system even with the unique challenges it brings. we want to spread awareness of multiplicity and show that being multiple (having more than one person kicking around) is just another way to exist, and doesn't make someone a monster or unfit for society. we have a whole section on this site dedicated to each system member's unique petz crew, giving everybody a little slice of the site. we work on this project (and our mod work) together! if you'd like to know more about individual system members, you can check out our carrd for that here.

What's this Morbit thing?

Morbit is our main overarching project we work on with the Homebrew Deviants team! it's a worldbuilding project meant for people ages 16+, and our specific projects within that focus on portraying disability, identity, and recovery in a fantasy setting. it's got a lot of horror elements and can get kind of rough around the edges, so please tread carefully and mind the age warning if you go take a look! each pet in our main crew (labelled "Morbit") has a Morbit character counterpart- we use Petz as a way to build up a nice little pool of side characters to pick from. browse away!

Why Petz?

Petz was our first ever videogame and one that's stuck with us our whole lives. it's a game that has a surprising amount of depth and creative potential, with the modding community being one of the most wild and underrated out there. we love this game to bits, and making this little site has been a childhood dream come true. if you're here and don't play Petz- give it a try! it may not be your thing, but it has a lot of charm, and may just be as relaxing as it is for us.