A digital world made up of different realms, with the main ones being the Supercyber, where most living beings reside, the Afterlife, where Supercyber denizens go after they pass on, and an unnamed realm for Familiars, strange creatures with even stranger powers. These realms are connected via a system of links, where denizens from Supercyber can contact those from another realm (such as the afterlife and the realm of familiars), and pull them temporarily back into Supercyber. Peoples reasons for doing so vary, but a link is considered a powerful bond, and to be taken seriously. Potential links are often discovered via personal websites and blogs, something all denizens have access to no matter what realm they currently existd in.

Supercyber denizens can look like anything at all, and often take on appearances that suit their personality and aspects of their individual worlds. Most Supercyber realm-based hexes will look like brexed catz as of right now, but we intend on expanding that as we figure out more design stuff! Breedfiles possible, but unlikely.

Afterlife denizens are the mysterious creatures that people become when they pass on, losing most of their memories and becoming powerful beings capable of bending reality itself. Some worship these people as gods, but most are content to live their lives as cryptic beings that occasionally interact with the living world via links. These denizens have different classes based on how their deaths were perceived by people at large, and subclasses make up the main Supercyber breedfiles and customs. For more info on afterlife classes, click here!

Familiars are purposefully made by Supercyber denizens, allowed to live in their own realm with the caveat of being occasionally taken to Supercyber itself. They resemble different species of animal, but can look as bizarre and unnatural as their creators please. Their powers do not tend to follow any sort of scheme or pattern, completely individualized to the familiar- and not always to their creators intent. The familiar breedfiles will look like normal (albeit colorful) wildz, but have tons of potential for strange and interesting designs.

Other realms and kinds of denizen exist, and we will be making more as we develop the world- feel free to ask us questions on Discord or via email (, and we will try to get back to you ASAP!

All Supercyber residents are canonically anthropomorphized, but you are welcome to just consider them as quadrupedal petz/animals! You also do not need to stick to existing lore at all, and can just make up your own stuff entirely. Just have fun!