-customs off of the cubus, tigrine, jolteon, jozuritanzi and raitora files
-stock of the cubus, tigrine, raitora, jolteon, jozuritanzi and friendly files
-misc breed recolors


-petz with Lore/Character Info
-black/white with color accent
-song inspiration/inclusion (you can give rin a song that goes with the pet!)
-applications that say what character ideas youd have with the pet + prompt available (ex: a couple sentences saying what personality you could see the pet having/what their goals are/etc)
-art, literally any art/graphics


-catz only
-black/white/grayscale petz
-3 colors or less
-open to all catz but really fond of persians, oshies, calicos, alleys
-no oshie/maine coon texture
-Big Catz
-overwrites welcome, the weirder the better
-brexing absolutely welcome
-catz heavily preferred but dogz will be considered if wildz/fantasyz/lab experiments
-hex bases
-any kind of content, including toys/clothes/playscenes/breedfiles/etc
-lab experiments (weird hybrids, brexing optional but very welcome)
-tigers/tiger stripes
-body horror/gore
-toys/toy-inspired petz
-external textures (either on pet or offered on their own)
-medical themed anything
-PKC compatible petz on OB bases (we dont show at PKC but we super respect it and rin really enjoys realistic marking hexing on OBs)
-Really Big Petz
-wildz in general
-nb pride flag anything
-rainbows/neons, especially if on black/white
-external breedfiles/OWs