CUSTOMIZABLE: Addball additions/changes, retextures, scale. Open for 4dopt customs on request.
INFO: Small catz with inclinations towards cafes and sweets, sweetpeas will be friends for life! It's said that they're ideal for taking on adventures, and they'll remain loyal to your side so long as you treat them with kindness.


ready to claim a sweetpea? refer to rin's wishlist and make an offer (or application!) at ringormortis@gmail.com. we'll get to it as soon as we're able, but be patient please! you may offer on as many as you like, but they are not necessarily first come first serve. you can also request a custom- please include a color palette (5 max) so that we can generate you custom textures, scale (small/medium/large) and any addball additions/changes you want.

Sweetpea01 // She/Her Pronouns // This sweetpea can't see eye to eye with any of her friends, and is always getting into little fights...but she always tries to make it better, and loves them very much.

Sweetpea02 // It/Its Pronouns // This sweetpea is so, so emotional, and could really use a hug.

Sweetpea03 // He/Him Pronouns // This sweetpea loves a good story, and is always down to listen to a new tale.

Sweetpea04 // They/Them Pronouns // This sweetpea is scared by the tiniest noises, and probably believes in ghosts- but you'll never know for sure.

Sweetpea05 // They/Them Pronouns // This sweetpea loves to steal marshmallows, but no one knows what they actually do with them.

Sweetpea06 // He/Him Pronouns // This sweetpea hoards tiny plastic toys, and once one's gone, you'll never get it back.

Sweetpea08 // She/Her Pronouns // This sweetpea has such a positive attitude, it's hard to believe anything could get her down!

Sweetpea09 // It/Its Pronouns // This sweetpea longs for a safe place to stay...could you give it a home?

Sweetpea10 // They/Them Pronouns // This sweetpea has a lot of excess energy- you should probably try to work them out of it!