CUSTOMIZABLE: Addball additions/changes, retextures, scale. Open for 4dopt customs on request.
INFO: Alien beings with a fondness for loud music and bright colors, show an otherworlder a good time and they'll be your friend forever!


ready to claim an otherworlder? refer to rin's wishlist and make an offer (or application!) at ringormortis@gmail.com. we'll get to it as soon as we're able, but be patient please! you may offer on as many as you like, but they are not necessarily first come first serve. you can also request a custom- please include a color palette (5 max) so that we can generate you custom textures, scale (small/medium/large) and any addball additions/changes you want.

Otherworlder01 // It/Its Pronouns // This otherworlder came from a distant planet, and gets homesick a lot...perhaps you could do something to remind it of where it hails from?

Otherworlder02 // They/ Them Pronouns // This otherworlder has a tendency to get into fights more than they should, but don't judge them too much for it.

Otherworlder03 // She/Her Pronouns // This otherworlder loves retro toys, and can and will hide them behind your couch. Watch out.

Otherworlder04 // He/Him Pronouns // This otherworlder is a little too friendly with strangers, and has a tendency to bite at their ankles as a form of greeting.

Otherworlder06 // It/Its Pronouns // This otherworlder will steal your ice cream if it's left unguarded, so please, take caution.

Otherworlder07 // She/Her Pronouns // This otherworlder loves nothing more than a warm fire on a cold day, but for some reason, the flames always change color in her presence.

Otherworlder08 // They/Them Pronouns // This otherworlder loves to hum along with songs on the radio, but they can never keep the tune going right.

Otherworlder09 // He/Him Pronouns // This otherworlder seems to bob his head along with spoken poetry whenever he hears it, no matter how bad it is.

Otherworlder10 // They/Them Pronouns // This otherworlder has a big wish in their heart, but they'll never tell a soul.