CUSTOMIZABLE: Addball additions/changes, retextures, scale. Open for 4dopt customs on request.
INFO: Marshmallow bunnies adorned with little bandanas- don't eat them, even if they grow things back!


ready to claim a mallowpuff? refer to rin's wishlist and make an offer (or application!) at we'll get to it as soon as we're able, but be patient please! you may offer on as many as you like, but they are not necessarily first come first serve. you can also request a custom- please include a color palette (5 max) so that we can generate you custom textures, scale (small/medium/large) and any addball additions/changes you want.

Mallow01 // They/Them Pronouns // This mallowpuff tastes like whipped cream, though no one knows why! I wouldn't recommend eating them, though...

Mallow02 // She/Her Pronouns // This mallowpuff loves horror movies, and will always sneak over to watch with you.

Mallow03 // She/Her Pronouns // This mallowpuff is afraid of water, and for good reason- it'll melt her!

Mallow04 // He/Him Pronouns // This mallowpuff likes to watch the snowflakes fall, even if he has to stay safe indoors.

Mallow05 // It/Its Pronouns // This mallowpuff likes to hide plastic eggs, but it always steals the trinkets inside first.

Mallow06 // They/Them Pronouns // This mallowpuff takes great joy in dancing around to quiet music, but they have sensitive ears!

Mallow07 // It/Its Pronouns // This mallowpuff isn't much for socialization, but it does enjoy quiet company.

Mallow08 // He/Him Pronouns // This mallowpuff likes to nibble fingers. You've been warned.

Mallow09 // They/Them Pronouns // This mallowpuff is a bit of a romantic, but is too shy to act on it!

Mallow10 // He/Him Pronouns // This mallowpuff can't help but get mad over the tiniest of things.