WORLDBUILD: Supercyber
TYPE: Afterlife Denizen
CUSTOMIZABLE: Addball additions/changes, retextures, scale
INFO: A demon subclass of afterlife denizen, cubi form when a Supercyber denizen with especially heavy ties to love, hate and/or strong relationships of any kind pass on. They are cartoonish and capable of floating a short distance, and typically sport heart shapes somewhere on their bodies. Some cubi have floating orbs around them, with only some able to control their shapes. Cubi also have the ability to change the emotional intensity of what a person is feeling- they cannot change the actual emotions being felt, but can make them feel stronger or weaker. It is significantly easier to change intensity if the cubus is feeling similar emotions to their target. Some particularly unskilled cubi find themselves unable to control their powers, changing the intensity of anyone around them to match their own.


ready to claim a cubus? refer to rin's wishlist and make an offer (or application!) at (or on Discord, if you have us added). we'll get to it as soon as we're able, but be patient please! you may offer on as many as you like, but they are not necessarily first come first serve. you can also request a custom- please include a color palette (5 max) so that we can generate you custom textures, scale (small/medium/large) and any addball additions/changes you want.

WeirdCubus01 // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus is capable of hiding other peoples emotions, but not her own.

WeirdCubus02 // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus has a lot of trouble controlling their anger, but desperately wants to try.

WeirdCubus03 // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus had a family he cared about very much in life, and hopes to look after them in death.

WeirdCubus04 // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus is fond of playing games with living denizens, but always claims they cheat.

WeirdCubus05 // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus finds herself wandering everywhere, not sure where to find a place to call home.

WeirdCubus07 // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus reads in his free time, curious about books from the living world.

WeirdCubus09 // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus likes listening to storms as they pass through, entranced by the rumbling thunder.

WeirdCubus10 // It/Its Pronouns // This cubus can get a little carried away, the emotional intensity ramping up around it when it rambles on.

Cubus01 // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus has gotten into serious trouble, and is trying with all of her might to find a way out.

Cubus02 // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus loves nothing more than a dance with a friend.

Cubus03 // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus had a deep wealth in life, and struggles to adjust to a world where that doesn't have much value.

Cubus04 // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus is a bit of a pessimist, but manages to smile every day regardless.

Cubus07 // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus loves going to big cities, charming his way into wherever he likes.

Cubus08 // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus has a habit of getting involved in mortal affairs, especially to do with peoples' rights and safeties.

Cubus09 // It/Its Pronouns // This cubus doesn't realize how loud its voice gets until it's told to shush.

Cubus10 // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus develops crushes at the drop of a hat, but is terrible at expressing their feelings.

AgenderCubus // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus wants to find a place they truly belong, but never knows the right places.

AromanticCubus // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus had a lot of close friendships in her mortal life, and plans on making even more in the afterlife.

BisexualCubus // He/Him Pronouns // This cubus enjoys playing music, unable to settle on a single instrument.

GenderfluidCubus // Any Pronouns // This cubus is up to mischief...but always in harmless, silly ways.

LesbianCubus // She/Her Pronouns // This cubus has her secrets, and she'll only share them with the ones she trusts most.

PansexualCubus // They/Them Pronouns // This cubus loves all things to do with carnivals, and wants to host their own some day.

TransCubus // He/They Pronouns // This cubus loves to give advice, but struggles figuring out his own troubles.