WORLDBUILD: Supercyber
TYPE: Afterlife Denizen
CUSTOMIZABLE: Addball additions/changes, retextures, scale
INFO: A ghost subclass of afterlife denizen, whispers form when a Supercyber denizen with especially heavy ties to the past or their own history pass on and meet the conditions to become a ghost. They are wispy and partially incoporeal, only able to be fully touched by those they allow. Some whispers are capable of materializing almost flame-like wisps, their only natural form of offense. Whispers also have the ability to transform themselves into memories- either by taking the appearance of someone another person remembers, or projecting the appearance of a specific place, object or scene onto the world around them. Their powers are limited to the extent of the target's memory, however, often leaving their transformations and projections incomplete.


ready to claim a whisper? refer to rex's wishlist and make an offer (or application!) at ringormortis@gmail.com (or on Discord, if you have us added). we'll get to it as soon as we're able, but be patient please! you may offer on as many as you like, but they are not necessarily first come first serve. you can also request a custom- please include a color palette (5 max) so that we can generate you custom textures, scale (small/medium/large) and any addball additions/changes you want.

Whisper03 // He/Him Pronouns // This whisper is always completely lost in thought, daydreaming through every moment he can.

Whisper05 // It/Its Pronouns // This whisper loves nothing more than being alone at a good party.

Whisper06 // They/Them Pronouns // This whisper always gives their friends a strong goodbye, ensuring they'll always remember them.

Whisper07 // It/Its Pronouns // This whisper wants to make a deal that you're sure to regret.

Whisper08 // They/Them Pronouns // This whisper wants to learn how to utilize their powers, their ambition driving them entirely.

Whisper09 // He/Him Pronouns // This whisper enjoys listening to the radio static, roaming around between stations.

Whisper10 // She/Her Pronouns // This whisper loves everything cute, even if people just think she's spooky.

Whisper11 // He/Him Pronouns // This whisper has a bad habit of making promises he can't keep.

Whisper12 // She/Her Pronouns // This whisper regrets a lot of her past actions, and hopes she can become a better person.

Whisper13 // They/Them Pronouns // This whisper looks at all angles of a situation before making a decision.

Whisper14 // It/Its Pronouns // This whisper has a lot of rumors swirling around it...people say not to get on its bad side.

Whisper15 // They/Them Pronouns // This whisper is frustrated with how weak and flimsy their body is, and wants to become stronger.