we're very tired and just want to put some random ass adoptions up
all of them have randomized personality values

-bred catz (3 colors or less preferred, alleys, oshies, and persians get priority)
-hexes (catz preferred but interested in dogz too, wildz + fantasyz get priority, external textures get priority (especially if you're willing to work with one of ours), see wishlist on WW for instant trades)
-new textures (we will use them)
-brexes (especially priority atm, we crave brexes bad)
-applications (let us know why you want this little guy)

to apply for these petz, either contact us on discord or email ringormortis@gmail.com with a few sentences answering the prompt given for the petz you're interested in.

Atlantic // Mottle

Chinchilla // Savior

Dream // Sphinx

Early // AI

Isabelle // Griff

Lord // Spitfire

Pumpkin // Royal

Rhodes // Hunter

Routine // Vampire

Scatter // Keeper

Silvia // Seraph

Talisman // Wilder

Wake // Whisper

Wolf // Raptor