these petz are available as part of a collaboration between Oxy (from HEMOPHILIA) and the Skinstealers (from [BAD_DEATH]), with a little bit of style from each collaborator! these petz are glittery and glamorous, with fun colors and a really distinct look. no trades are necessary to obtain these petz, though we ask that you only apply for one pet per file (ie, 1 doll, 1 seraph, etc). the actual colors/patterns of these petz are a mystery, so enjoy the surprise of getting an unexpected new friend! to apply for these petz, either contact us on discord or email ringormortis@gmail.com with a few sentences answering the prompt given for the petz you're interested in. that's all!

OxyDoll // He/Him Pronouns // It is a dark night in the city, and you come across someone rooting around in the garbage...how do you approach?

OxyDoll01 // They/Them Pronouns // You've discovered a locket in an alleyway a few days ago, only to be approached by a strange being, asking for it back. What do you do?

OxyDoll03 // It/Its Pronouns // It's raining out, and you discover a creature without any kind of coat or umbrella. It looks soaked...what do you do?

OxyDoll04 // They/Them Pronouns // You keep hearing about a vigilante in your area, but you never expected to meet them...what are they like?

OxyDoll05 // She/Her Pronouns // Strange noises keep echoing outside your window, and you couldn't find the source until now...but what do you do about this creature?

OxyDoll06 // They/Them Pronouns // There's a sense of triumph on the being's face as they win their duel with you- what is their reward?

OxyDoll07 // He/Him Pronouns // You find the creature crying, and can't help but feel drawn to him...what's wrong?

OxyDoll08 // She/Her Pronouns // You want to tell the creature a secret, but don't know if you can really trust her...what do you tell her?

OxyDoll09 // It/Its Pronouns // The sunset is beautiful, and you find the being just as enraptured by it. What moment do you share?

OxyDoll10 // She/It Pronouns // You have always wanted to find a being like her, but you're just not sure what to say- what do you reply with when it asks what you're doing here?

OxySeraph // He/Him Pronouns // The being seems completely wrapped up in the beauty of nature, but offers you one of his findings- what is it?

OxySeraph01 // They/Them Pronouns // You find the creature building something like you've never seen before- what is it?

OxySeraph02 // He/Him Pronouns // He always seems excited to see you, especially when he asks you to go on an adventure with him...what do you say?

OxySeraph03 // They/Them Pronouns // They're a hard working person, but you can't help but worry about the creature...how do you help them?

OxySeraph05 // He/Him Pronouns // There's just something you can't pin down about him, the being's history a complete mystery- what kind of questions do you ask?

OxySeraph08 // He/Him Pronouns // There's a raw energy to this being, and he commands attention- how do you pay respects?

OxySeraph09 // She/Her Pronouns // She moves too quickly to see, and you just can't catch up with you...how do you draw this creature to you?

OxySeraph10 // He/Him Pronouns // You're walking through the woods when you hear a cry for help...how do you save the creature you find?