-customs off of the franken file
-stock of the franken file
-misc breed recolors


-petz with Lore/Character Info (especially horror-related)
-Weird Proportions
-song inspiration/inclusion (you can give calvin a song that goes with the pet!)
-applications that say what character ideas youd have with the pet + prompt available (ex: a couple sentences saying what personality you could see the pet having/what their goals are/etc)
-art, literally any art/graphics


-catz only
-not super interested in bred petz, would much rather prefer stuff with OWs/external breedfiles/brexing over OB breeding
-overwrites welcome
-brexing absolutely welcome
-catz heavily preferred but dogz will be considered if toy themed
-hex bases
-any kind of content, including toys/clothes/playscenes/breedfiles/etc
-lab experiments (weird hybrids, brexing optional but very welcome) (these will pretty much be an instant yes)
-alien themed
-monster/scifi themed
-space themed
-external textures (either on pet or offered on their own)
-external breedfiles/OWs