petz expansion packs are an ongoing project made by the skinstealers to help expand people's games, adding content en masse (or picked out individually, it's your call!) that makes your game feel a little more fleshed out and fun. we're not sure how frequently these will be updated/finished, or how many we'll make, but it's a nice little project! interested in contributing to a pack? message us on discord, WW, RKC, or by email at ringormortis@gmail.com. the only restrictions are that you keep within the theme, allow for your content to be freely edited (i know that a lot of people aren't down for this, but this is important to us!), and are willing to work with us on getting your content ready to go.

COMFY COZY (WIP, will be finished someday eventually)


small, curated packs done by the skinstealers based on a theme (generally centric around one or more of our texture packs)- will typically contain a texture pack or two, clothing, and a breedfile!